The Pelvic Floor is a group of … MUSCLES!

They work BOTH by releasing and strengthening – like ALL muscles

Traditional exercises focus on strengthening alone… This is NOT ENOUGH!

Maeve Whelan has developed a new approach that works on releasing too

SNIFF, FLOP & DROP technique


More at Release to Balance DVD
Graphic illustration of exercises
Practical teaching
Daily schedules
by Maeve Whelan


Do you need a trained Pelvic Floor Manual Therapist?
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Learn pelvic floor manual therapy
Basic knowledge of the pelvic floor needed.
Acquire skills and techniques to treat a wide variety of PF dysfunctions.
Pelvic Floor Manual Therapy
Realtime Ultrasound Imaging
Learn how to teach pelvic floor exercises.
Attendees will be added to our community of trained Pelvic Floor Manual Therapists.

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The 40th International Urogynecology Association (IUGA) meeting

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The 40th International Urogynecology Association (IUGA) meeting and the 2nd World Congress Abdominal Pain (WCAPP) were held as parallel conference in Nice this year at the Acropolis Congress on June 9th -13th.

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Welcome to the new look Pelvic Physiotherapy website! It is finally live after the last few months of tireless website designing.

The old version was established in 2009. The website has been used extensively in Europe […]